Leo Keramika is an all-Ukrainian chain of stores selling high-quality finishing materials for repairs. They offer a full range of services: from 3D visualization of the interior, selection and calculation of the necessary materials to the delivery of goods to the client. They have been working on the Ukrainian market since 2005. At the moment Leo Ceramics is represented in 16 regions of Ukraine. They have 28 stores and 30'000 m2 of warehouse space.


1. The order picking time in the warehouse has decreased by more than 42% — from 45 minutes to 26 minutes.
2. The use of the picking warehouse increased — from 60% to 92%.


At the time of the beginning of cooperation, the client wanted:
1. To increase the turnover per m2.
2. Reduce order picking time.
3. Introduce pallet sheets.


First, an audit was carried out to understand the current situation and the scope of work to be done.
• Next, we implemented the WMS (Warehouse Management System) product into the system. Thus, we have automated the logistics process and were able to track and optimize the work cycle.
• The process of receiving, placing, picking and shipping goods by all participants in the process was reformed.
In the third step, we introduced picking zones.


1. Audit of business processes.
2. Reform of warehouse processes.
3. IT products:
• warehouse management system WMS;
• transport planning system TPS;
• YMS yard management system.