Warehouse Management System

The Warehouse Management System is used to automate logistics by all participants in warehouse processes.
  • 1

    Product receipt

    Аcceptance of products

  • 2


    Placing products in zones, chambers, warehouses

  • 3

    Internal management

    Replacement between cells and zones, inventory, checking availability, etc.

  • 4


    Creation of daily plans, routes. Lists of using pallets

  • 5


    Fixing the loading of products to the vehicle

Support all codes

System support all barcode types

Fixing all actions

WMS is an instrument to control processes, people and departments automatically

Flexible structure

Using WMS gives your company all the best practices from all our clients


Signing documents and communication between departments

Pallet lists

WMS includes big analytics module which analyze all components - processes, workers, product's placement


New technologies

WMS is based on mobile (Android and iOS) and web technologies

Full control

WMS is a tool for automatic management of processes, people and departments

Best practise

Using WMS gives your company all the best practices from all of our clients

Data exchange

WMS has an API and works with all popular information systems - CRM, ERP, BPM and the like. From Salesforce to 1C and SAP


WMS includes a large analytical module that analyzes all components - processes, workers, product placement


Implementation of WMS allows you to integrate a new system into an old process without losing data

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