Yard Management System

Yard Management System is a system that allows you to control the movement of vehicles, visitors, the order of loading / unloading in the adjacent territory.
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    Loading and unloading planning

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    Parking and pedestrian management

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    Loading and unloading management

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    Optimization of the use of parking spaces

Minimize Queues

Minimization of queues in the schedule of shipments / shipments

Cost reduction

Reduced maintenance costs for parking lots and shunting areas


Possibility of direct communication with drivers

Quality improvements

Customer Service Improvement


Accumulation of information important for planning and decision making


Motion control

Vehicle and foot traffic control in the territory of the enterprise

Vehicle Registration

Registration of vehicles at checkpoints and parking lots

Traffic planning

Effective Planning of the movement of vehicles throughout the enterprise

Pedestrian traffic

Pedestrian traffic control in the territory


Planning a loading and unloading schedule


Operation Duration Measurements

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